Top 20 Compliance Technology Solution Companies - 2019

Strict compliance measures and regulations are one of the main factors that ensure a company to function within the rules and offer the best quality solutions and services to its clients. With the regulatory environment changing at a rapid pace, organizations find it hard to keep up with the latest developments. While regulations continue to evolve, it becomes a challenge for the organizations to keep themselves up-to-date with the compliance requirements. Today’s compliance technology solution and service providers are utilizing a combination of digital technology and leading-edge advancements to deliver the best possible solution and service and aid organizations in identifying and tackling their legal and compliance-related issues to promote an efficient business process.

Enterprises are strongly in support of technology-led compliance strategies as a part of cost reduction and budget cuts. Today’s compliance technology solution and service providers are utilizing technological solutions like AI and blockchain to manage third-party risks, promote policy management, monitor compliance data and manage supply chains. They are bringing together the best of business and compliance interests to assist organizations in their operations and related compliance functions.

CIOReview has compiled a list of the most promising compliance technology solution and service providers 2019 to guide enterprises associated with the various industrial sectors in leveraging the power of technology to tackle the latest bottlenecks in compliance and regulations while assisting organizations in their business growth.

In this edition, we are glad to feature companies like ETHIX360, MCO, Edulink, TRESTLE Compliance, and ReadiNow that are offering the best-in-class solutions and services for improving the compliance challenges that organizations face with greater results.

We present to you CIOReview’s, “Most Promising Compliance Technology Solution Providers - 2019.”

    Top Compliance Technology Solution Companies

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    17a-4 specializes in compliance software and services with a sharp focus on building integrated systems to meet the regulatory and eDiscovery requirements of financial and healthcare institutions and to state and local governments. The company assists these organizations in ensuring an information infrastructure that adheres to SEC and other financial and privacy regulations and to eDiscovery industry ‘best practices.. 17a-4 bridges compliance, legal and IT teams with its comprehensive compliance solutions and services, guiding them to adopt best practices in the way they archive regulated content and help create effective retention, review, supervision and disposition policies

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    Cognigo was founded in 2016 by an experienced team of machine learning experts with cyber security and enterprise data security veterans. Their mission is to ensure that critical data assets, which are now more important than ever before, will not fall into the wrong hands. Cognigo helps to achieve data security and compliance in days, through Cognitive Computing. Cognigo's DataSense is a single point of control to manage and secure critical data assets and PIIs. DataSense is able to understand and classify data, enforce compliance and security policies, and to orchestrate other data security platforms

  • 3

    Congruity360 is a single-source data governance provider that has designed a comprehensive data management solution suite to help companies manage their siloed data to comply with data protection laws, reduce data storage footprint and liability, and enable cloud migration strategies at the enterprise level. By leveraging GPU-enabled technology, Congruity360’s Classify360 data governance & classification solution provides enterprises near-real-time data analytics. Unlike other tools available in the market, the tools developed by Congruity360 can to rapidly scan the biggest repositories at both the metadata and content layers. As one of the most promising compliance technology solution providers, Congruity360’s services cater to the markets in the US, UK, and China

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    Edulink specializes in web-based software solutions for school districts, intermediate units, charter schools and CTCs. The company’s solutions include teacher evaluation software aligned specifically with Pennsylvania’s Act 82 (PA-ETEP); compliance software that tracks clearances, state mandates, Act 48 hours, Act 44 safety and security items (COMPLY); and an online registration software (MyRegistrar) that assists educational entities with scheduling courses

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    ETHIX360, a next-gen Compliance-as-a-service solution provider, has developed enterprise-class risk management solution-CaseTrac that helps enterprises to collect, manage, and resolve incidents related to employee code of conduct. CaseTrac’s unique risk management solution enables departments entrusted with risk management responsibilities to automate and enforce their unique policies and procedures for managing any incidents from workplace harassment to bullying. From web reporting to a call center with whistleblower hotline to email, texting, and IVR, CaseTrac supports all the comprehensive intake methods for reporting concerns. Companies can select the best method that is easy to access and culturally natural for making decisions

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    Headquartered in Pasadena, California, GreenSoft Technology is a one-stop total solution provider. GreenSoft Technology is a provider of environmental compliance Data Services and Software for EU REACH, EU RoHS, Conflict Minerals, CA Prop 65, and other global product regulations. GreenSoft's Data Services focus on reducing costs and providing high-quality, accurate data. For over 15 years they have been helping manufacturers around the globe to manage their compliance data for chemical regulations and directives. GreenSoft's mission is to streamline the environmental compliance management processes of the Green Supply Chain by providing the best Green data services and Green product management software for the global electronics industry

  • 7

    Gryphon Networks offers telephony and analytical platform that automatically captures, controls and visualizes sales and marketing activity collected from any application or device to enhance management effectiveness, optimize outreach and lessen risk. With its two-pronged approach, the company solves the challenge of limited company oversight as well as visibility into sales and marketing activities conducted via any application, by any rep, at any location because the platform syncs with any device used to communicate

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    A company that delivers a fully integrated conduct risk compliance platform that's significantly lower costs and risks. Understanding that transparency is one of the most important tools to manage conflicts of interests, the MCO platform provides a unified approach to conduct risk. MCO's solution that identifies compliance risk from three areas of activities are termed as Know Your Employees (KYE), Know your Transactions (KYT) and Know your Third Party(KYTP)

  • 9

    ReadiNow brings about a change in the compliance framework from transforming it from a rigid set-up to becoming more agile. This agile component allows clients to make the desired changes in their framework, according to the policies, regulations, and current market scenario. ReadiNow’s digital transformation platform helps bring about agility in aspects such as project management, IT, customer relations, and processes, while staying compliant to all the norms within the organization. The intelligent engines within the platform, such as the analytics, workflow, integration, and data modelling engines helps clients to build out solutions, tailor-made to their requirements and use that solution to formulate order or risk solutions and plug them into their compliance framework, which can be regularly updated without the need for a complete revamping

  • 10

    RegEd, with more than 20 years’ experience solving enterprise compliance challenges for industry firms, adopts a consultative approach to help organizations strengthen their compliance programs and avoid non-compliance consequences. Founded by regulators, the company provides solutions that propel operational efficiency, enabling firms to cost-effectively comply across core compliance functions. RegEd’s comprehensive suite of compliance management and credentialing solutions and unified enterprise platform enable firms to implement multiple RegEd solutions with common user interface and a single view of compliance. In this manner, RegEd’s clients are able to reduce the total cost of ownership, streamline vendor relationship management and gain economy of scale

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    Spirion is a pioneer in designing the critical first step of data security and privacy. With its data discovery, classification, and behavior software and services, Spirion is able to position its customers and partners for unparalleled security and compliance. Since 2006, Spirion has equipped thousands of organizations worldwide to gain stronger command and control of their data security and compliance. Today, Spirion is installed across multiple industries — including financial services, healthcare, education, and defense. Spirion is dedicated to its partners and considers them as an extension of its sales team. By focusing on customized tools for sales, marketing, and technical support, the company provides the right equipment for success

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    The right tool for field data collection, management & reporting environmental data

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    Established in 2010, Clearwater provides the most complete and trusted enterprise-class cyber risk management and compliance solution available. Designed for healthcare providers and their partners, Clearwater's IRM-Pro platform and experienced professional services team provide insights and actions to address compliance, cyber, and patient safety risks. Clearwater solutions have been deployed within hundreds of hospitals and health systems, Fortune 100 organizations, and federal government institutions nation-wide. The company offers solutions like HIPAA Compliance Software, Information Risk Management Strategy, HIPAA Compliance Solutions, Risk Analysis Solutions, HIPAA HITECH Consulting Services, Information Risk Management Software, Policy and Procedure Templates, Technical Testing Services, Medical Device Risk Management Solution, and many more

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    Compliance & Risks

    Compliance & Risks

    Compliance & Risks helps manufacturers, retailers, and their supply chain partners monitor and manage requirements, regulations, and standards for a cleaner, safer, and a better world. They create business advantage for clients by providing reliable legislative information, insights, and actions through C2P, their knowledge management software platform, consulting, market access, managed services, and other solutions. Headquartered in Cork, Ireland, Compliance & Risks also have offices in Brussels, California, London, and New York. They work with several industries, including aerospace, automotive, electronics, energy, chemicals, medical devices, HVAC, toys, textiles, lighting, and many more

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    At Foreside, the enterprise pairs comprehensive and customized advice with best-in-class technology to help firms in the investment management space continue to innovate, improve, and grow. Foreside taps state-of-the-art technology to help firms drive operational efficiency and flourish in today’s regulatory environment. The business’s suite of services and platform-based model automate and simplify compliance and distribution for firms and are designed to scale as clients grow. With Foreside as a partner, firms can dedicate time and effort to portfolio management, client service, sales, and other value-adding work

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    GAN Integrity

    GAN Integrity

    GAN Integrity is a provider of a completely integrated compliance solution for global businesses. With six robust modules, GAN can power client’s entire program with ease and bring data together into a single, fully integrated cloud-based platform. Since 2004, GAN has been helping companies around the world manage corporate risk and misconduct. Today, many of the world’s leading brands trust the business’s innovative software to help them better manage compliance. GAN’s compliance management software offers applications including training, policy management, third-party due diligence, whistleblower hotline, case management, risk management, and reporting into a single, easy to use platform

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    Lisam Systems

    Lisam Systems

    Founded in 1999, Lisam Systems is a global provider of Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) compliance management software solutions and services, operating from offices worldwide. Since its creation, Lisam has been actively working at bringing innovative, affordable, and timely solutions to solve the challenges faced by manufacturers, distributors, and users of chemical products when dealing with the ever-changing regulatory standards. Today, thousands of actors in the chemical supply chain rely on Lisam’s software and services to manage the authoring and distribution of all their safety documents from safety data sheets and labels to safety instruction cards or exposure scenarios

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    NetLib Security

    NetLib Security

    NetLib Security provides cost-effective data encryption solutions that can be quickly deployed in a few steps. NetLib is a privately held company founded in 1992 and headquartered in Stamford, CT. Their software has evolved to support new development platforms and environments - physical, virtual, cloud - to meet the ever-changing needs of the customer. NetLib Security has provided security for Fortune 1000 companies, governmental agencies, financial institutions, small businesses, and commercial developers worldwide. Encryptionizer is a powerful, patented data encryption platform line is easy to use and deploy, cost-effective, scalable, assist with compliance, completely transparent, and no additional programming required

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    Origami Risk

    Origami Risk

    Origami Risk is a provider of integrated SaaS solutions for the risk and insurance industry—from insured corporate and public entities to brokers and risk consultants, insurers, third party claims administrators (TPAs), and risk pools. The innovative, web-based software is designed with the latest technology and is focused on ease-of-use, performance, and dependability. Origami Risk is accessed securely through any modern web browser. Origami Risk's highly experienced and professional service team offers easy transitions, consistency, and accessibility. The company provides Risk Management, Reporting & Analysis, Policies & Programs, Benchmarking, Total Cost of Risk, Incident Collection and Tracking, Asset/ Fleet Management, Values Collection, EH&S, Policy Management, Exposure Management, Claims Processing, and many more solutions

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    Overhaul is a supply chain integrity solution with the ability to harness information from multiple correlated data streams and devices to give you the most accurate data and insights in real-time. The enterprise is committed to protecting clients’ product’s integrity through the provision of end-to-end visibility and risk management software solutions that can be adopted by the security operations to improve communication, completely automate the monitoring process, and ensure compliance requirements are met–all at a low cost. Some of the solutions that Overhaul provides include a mobile application, real-time visibility platform, OTP management system, risk management, compliance, product integrity, and supply chain