Top 20 Compliance Technology Companies - 2017

Over the years, the compliance landscape has changed drastically from self-regulation to statutory enforcement, with the list of regulations constantly varying and growing to include anti-money laundering and anti-fraud legislation, privacy, finance, IT security and more. Today, the rising complexity of compliance is no longer a temporary challenge for organizations, but a new reality. Traditional desktop tools and legacy GRC platforms are replaced by state-of-the-art tools to keep up with changing requirements and process transformations to meet the business requisites.

With the multiplying compliance standards such as PCI, HIPAA and more, organizations seek an integrated platform to track multiple regulatory changes and compliance metrics, tie them to business processes, conduct an impact assessment, and streamline policies and procedures. There is also a huge demand for innovative analytical solutions to monitor the compliance risks in real time and proactively spot the inconsistencies. It can also provide the flexibility for organization’s to not only mitigate the associated risks but also maintain compliance and increase productivity.

To help CCOs, CIOs, and CEOs find the right compliance technology provider for their enterprises, our selection panel has evaluated and shortlisted hundreds of compliance technology solution providers that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. During our evaluation, we looked at the vendor’s capability to fulfill the burning need of cost-effective and flexible solutions that tackle complex compliance challenges. We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Compliance Technology Solution Providers - 2017”.

    Top Compliance Companies

  • 1

    BluJay provides a one-stop solution for companies in need of assistance for customs clearance across the globe

  • 2

    Offers predictive emissions monitoring systems and software components to meet regulatory compliance requirements

  • 3

    Expedites the process of getting and staying compliant through innovative, best-in-class cybersecurity and privacy compliance documentation that addresses multiple statutory, regulatory and contractual requirements

  • 4

    Provides a full spectrum of security consulting services and award winning managed risk services for the modern enterprise

  • 5

    The main global content provider focused on EHS regulatory compliance assurance support to industries worldwide

  • 6

    Integrated platform providing derivatives trading, debt issuance, foreign exchange trading, fixed income portfolio management, collateral management, and hedge accounting for front to back office roles

  • 7

    Kroll, the leading global provider of risk and investigative services, delivers end-to-end compliance/due diligence solutions

  • 8

    MediSpend Compliance Cloud is the industry standard cloud-based compliance software for the life sciences industry

  • 9

    Provides an enterprise-grade Governance, Risk and Compliance management solution to administer all aspects of the compliance on a holistic level

  • 10

    Provides risk analytics platform for enabling organizations to assess, measure, manage and mitigate financial risks

  • 11

    Provides comprehensive compliance solutions for global companies

  • 12

    Provides services such as certifications, testing, international approvals, inspections, training, and compliance consulting for global manufacturing businesses

  • 13

    Specializes in providing data-centric security solutions to healthcare, financial, government, retail and technology sectors

  • 14

    A global security software firm providing fully automated device configuration and O/S vulnerability auditing tools that delineate precise risks and effective remediation actions

  • 15

    Offers GRC SKILL Framework for decreasing costs and creating immediate return on investment for companies across every major industry vertical

  • 16

    Provider of technology-powered privacy and risk management solutions, supported by a team of privacy experts

  • 17

    Helps organizations improve web accessibility for the disabled community

  • 18



    A Global GRC technology leader, helping organizations around the globe, embed, sustain, and streamline their GRC and integrated risk management activities

  • 19



    Leading provider of Sustainability, EH&S and Operational Risk Management Software

  • 20



    Provides integrated cloud platform that supports risk and incident management process to protect employees, customers, data, brand, inventory and share holders