FastBound: Attorney-backed Simplified and Efficient ATF Compliance

Jon Sagara, CTO
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) is the Federal law enforcement agency in the US that has the authority to enforce gun control and provide critical information regarding the country’s gun industry. ATF issues licenses to new firearm businesses, conducts inspections, ensures that licensees comply with the applicable rules and regulations, and exposes illegal trade of guns. Additionally, ATF provides very limited resources for licensees to help them avoid even the most common mistakes that result in violations. Helping FFLs simplify the verification process while maintaining the highest levels of ATF compliance and providing firearm compliance software is FastBound. “We partner with and consult law firms specializing in firearms compliance, at the early stages of developing our software,” begins Jon Sagara, CTO of FastBound. With decades of combined experience in developing compliance software for regulated industries, the founders of FastBound pioneered the concept of a “protection plan” which has given thousands of firearms manufacturers, retailers, and distributors the peace of mind that their compliance software is actually compliant with the latest ATF regulations and rulings.

Observing the absence of a user-friendly and efficient tool that fulfilled all the requirements of the FFL application process, the founders of FastBound developed software that simplifies the process and automates error detection. Since then, FastBound has grown into an industry leader and become an inspiration to its fellow competitors. “In the firearm compliance ecosystem, the most critical component is Acquisition and Disposition (A&D), and that is our core focus area,” adds Sagara. The company’s firearm compliance software allows electronic storage of A&D records, which frees up valuable space in retail stores, eliminating the need to print and save boxes of paperwork for up to twenty years. FastBound also enables its clients to create unlimited electronic bound books for consignment transfers, NFA, or gunsmithing, at no extra cost. Additionally, FastBound’s solutions effectively manage the processing of ATF Form 4473. The form is mandatory for all firearms sales to individuals and is used to conduct background checks on the buyer.

Ever since the Gun Control Act passed in 1968, Form 4473 has been completed on paper. The ATF is currently ratifying rulings and regulations regarding storing Form 4473 electronically, eliminating the need to print and store paper copies. FastBound’s Electronic 4473 converts any computer or tablet into a compliant device, with digital signature support and without the need for transaction fees or special hardware. In addition to this, FastBound offers an Electronic 3310 Multiple Firearm Sales Reporting tool that automates the filling of ATF Form 3310 and prevents users from missing sales reports and having their license revoked. With its customercentric approach, the company helps its customers exceed ATF regulations and stand out in the marketplace—an aspect of FastBound that its clients acknowledge the most.

Our aim is to bring improved solutions to help our customers be more compliant, in pursuit of a common industry goal to keep guns out of hands that shouldn’t have them, further reducing crimes involving firearms

As a market leader in compliance and customer support services, FastBound offers its clients equivalent protection plans. These plans are underwritten by law firms that specialize in dealing with ATF regulations. If clients witness any issue related to the software, the company offers them a funded legal defense against the use of the tool. Such clientoriented services have made FastBound a trustworthy name that, since its inception, has processed more than a billion firearms for thousands of FFLs who use FastBound’s attorney-backed software.

FastBound is the largest vendor used by third-party logistics companies that provide firearms transportation and logistics services to the Department of Defense. With an average response time of fewer than five minutes, the company offers live customer support services via phone, email, and in-app chat. FastBound also offers clients live training, a knowledge base, and embedded virtual tours that can be replayed at any time. FastBound’s software blocks sales if a buyer answers a prohibiting question. Since it also automatically identifies multiple sales, the system significantly reduces risks and violations. The highquality solutions are complemented by its US-based team of highly skilled professionals, who collaborate with law firms consisting of experienced firearm compliance experts.

Having no association with firearm stores, FastBound functions as an unbiased third-party its clients can trust wholeheartedly. The company has a proven track record of empowering clients to stay compliant with ATF regulations and efficiently manage their sales. Considering that Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) aren’t always tech-savvy, FastBound blends definitive legal expertise with user-friendly technology to create highly effective solutions. Since the firearm industry is highly politicized, the company plans to continue investing and improving its software and keeping them updated with compliance laws and regulations at federal and state levels. As Sagara concludes, “Our aim is to bring improved solutions to help our customers be more compliant, in pursuit of a common industry goal to keep guns out of hands that shouldn’t have them, further reducing crimes involving firearms.”


Folsom, CA

Jon Sagara, CTO

FastBound is a leading provider of attorney-backed ATF compliance FFL software including electronic A&D and electronic 4473, serving thousands of FFLs, including manufacturers, retailers, distributors, importers, and pawnbrokers, and helping them save time and money, and stay on top of ATF compliance. The company has processed more than a billion firearms for thousands of FFLs and pioneered the attorney-backed guaranteed legal defense related to the use of its software which is often imitated but never duplicated