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Roy Strasburger, CEO of Compliance Safe & President of StrasGlobal and Eva Strasburger, President of Compliance Safe & Director of Strategy at StrasGlobal Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of the United States, once said, “Out of adversity comes opportunity.”

Indeed, the most useful innovations have always come on the heels of arduous challenges. And such was the case for Roy Strasburger. As a retailer, Roy experienced first-hand the consequences of missing critical license renewal deadlines. His company, StrasGlobal, relied on spreadsheets to track licensing and compliance documents. But amid all the other work, a few documents would end up being overlooked, and this led to fines when an unannounced inspector showed up at one of the StrasGlobal-managed stores.

“How could we have missed a deadline again?” Roy found himself asking. And every time this happened, it put Roy’s retail business at risk. He needed a solution that could manage all his documents in one place, sort them by location or type, share them easily, and alert him regarding the upcoming deadlines and license expirations— everything a retailer dreamed of to avoid the risk of late fees or business closures. When Roy realized there was no such solution in the market, he took an unusual path for a retailer and stepped into the software space to develop a solution himself. And that solution was Compliance Safe.

What Makes Compliance Safe the Perfect Solution?

Compliance Safe was created to tackle a prevalent problem in the retail sector. “Compliance Safe is not just for convenience retailing or fuel retailing but can also be used by any business that needs to track documents subject to important deadlines,” says Roy, President of StrasGlobal and the CEO of Compliance Safe. By revolutionizing the management of store licenses, permits, and other critical documents, Compliance Safe reduces the time and cost involved in managing documents while also adding an additional security layer. With Compliance Safe, retailers no longer have to worry about missed deadlines and looming fines.

How is Compliance Safe Transforming Retail?

Even today, the convenience industry is rooted in traditional approaches that utilize paperwork and spreadsheets to get things done. When Compliance Safe brought extraordinary ease to his workflow, saving both time and money, Roy decided to introduce the solution to the industry, which was facing similar challenges. Like he says, “An innovation is worth exploring only if it solves a problem.” In that sense, Compliance Safe introduced the much-needed solution for everyone who has anything to do with document management.

Unsurprisingly, Compliance Safe has been embraced by the retail sector and is transforming businesses. Compliance Safe’s first wave of clients has used the solution for a multitude of processes, from document control to certificate tracking and maintaining employee records. “It turned out to be a focused solution that can be leveraged across several areas,” remarks Eva Strasburger, Director of Strategy at StrasGlobal and President of Compliance Safe. “And we are extremely proud we can provide an effective compliance solution to retailers and others at an affordable cost.”

Rather than relying on paper copies that might get lost during business shutdowns, our clients use Compliance Safe to have their important documentation stored safely in the cloud

As the demand for Compliance Safe increases, the team is working on updates and upgrades, adding more functionalities and features. Notably, the new automation capability has made signing-up simple and seamless for clients. Without a doubt, Compliance Safe is fast becoming a full-fledged solution for everybody with document management problems, no matter the industry or country.

A Safe Haven for All Documents

The practicality of Compliance Safe has become even more apparent during the pandemic. Its robust functionalities have been helping retailers boost their business continuity throughout the COVID-19 crisis. “Rather than relying on paper copies that might get lost during business shutdowns, our clients use Compliance Safe to have their important documentation stored safely in the cloud,” says Eva. Accessing these documents is as simple as logging onto the website through a mobile device. Its automated alerting feature means that even if retailers don’t receive notifications from the government agencies, they will not miss out on a license expiration deadline.

All these features are packed within a simple and straight forward user interface designed to bring the training cost and effort to a bare minimum. Every new hire can be added as a user and given access to the relevant compliance documents. “Even if the person in charge of compliance or licensing isn’t available during inspections or audits, a team member can access the necessary documents on the cloud directly from their mobile devices anytime and anywhere,” says Eva. The documents can also be shared with relevant third parties such as bankers, suppliers, and insurance companies, if required. In addition, the clients have the ability to allocate different clearance levels to users for accessing specific locations and documents.

Simplicity. Security. Success.

To illustrate the usefulness of Compliance Safe, Roy mentions an instance when Compliance Safe was used for a StrasGlobal client with a retail chain in Louisiana. The client had suffered damage to several of their buildings due to Hurricane Laura, which resulted in the loss of important documents. However, since the client had already incorporated Compliance Safe into their system, the digital copies of their documents, permits, and licenses were safe in the cloud. As a result, the client was able to retrieve the crucial documents and get back on their feet in no time.

This is just one of many success stories when Compliance Safe has made life easier for clients. One such client, Joe Green, who is the Director of Operations for Energy North Group (ENG), says, “We think Compliance Safe is perfect for managing document compliance at our retail locations that include: Haffner c-stores, various branded gas stations, car washes, as well as Subways and Aroma Joe’s Coffee that we either franchise or manage on our sites. Compliance Safe’s intuitive, user-friendly dashboards, with automated email alerts for upcoming renewals, has replaced our hard-to-maintain Excel spreadsheets.
Having Compliance Safe was a real advantage when we acquired eight Tradewinds sites. We were able to quickly and accurately integrate their accounts into our system. We think Compliance Safe is an essential tool for the c-store industry.”

“By revolutionizing the management of store licenses, permits, and other critical documents, Compliance Safe reduces the time and cost involved in managing documents, while also adding an additional layer of security”

Our Team Is Our Core

“The Compliance Safe team has played a significant role in molding the solution to what it is today,” says Eva. Whether it is Angelica Krott, with her creative IT skill sets, Myra Kressner, with her strategy and PR expertise, Ian Wilson with his product management background or Gerry Gabel with his software business development experience, the team, with the help of software developer Mobility Quotient and 2Plus Communications, has pushed Compliance Safe to new heights. Roy and Eva express their gratitude to this exceptionally loyal and committed group that spends hours every day on perfecting the solution and making it simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. Like the crew of a ship, every member of the Compliance Safe team has made the company’s journey into the uncharted waters of technology memorable and adventurous while maintaining a fast and steady course.

Scripting Innovative Transformation in the Retail World

The Compliance Safe solution is one of the brightest feathers in the StrasGlobal hat, and it is propelling the parent company to make a mark in the history of retail innovation. Over the last twenty years, StrasGlobal has been involved with over 6,000 stores in more than 33 countries. The company works with investors and owners in the convenience store and fuel industry. The clients, including international oil companies, hand over their retail outlets for StrasGlobal to operate. The company runs their stores using the functionalities of Compliance Safe to always keep in line with the regulations and avert unwanted penalties. StrasGlobal is also launching Resources for Retailers (RfR) to provide a collection of best practices and to deliver problem-solving strategies and real-world solutions, such as Compliance Safe, to small and mid-sized convenience store operators. Furthermore, StrasGlobal, together with Kressner Strategy Group, has founded The Vision Group (TVG). Its members represent some of the best minds within the consumable retail community and formulate useful solutions that address the everyday problems of retailers around the world. “We believe that if we can improve the retail industry in general, we are improving ourselves in the end,” says Roy.

Today, the success stories fueled by Compliance Safe have cemented its position as the go-to solution for retailers who would rather have a simple, cost-effective document management system than pay a ‘king’s ransom’ for complex enterprise-level products. Moving ahead, Compliance Safe will expand its capabilities to help retailers’ employees track personal documentation such as training certificates, authorization, and other private licenses. As recognition of all its success, Compliance Safe is proud of the prestigious honors and accolades it has received in the retail sector.

Building on its retail-centric offerings, Compliance Safe is focused on taking documentation management to the next level while maintaining quality and cost-effectiveness. The company is also forming strong partnerships with established players in the retail sector, all with the aim of making retail better. Compliance Safe is set to bring in many more innovations to the landscape. “The world is our oyster, and we are just getting started,” concludes Eva.

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Roy Strasburger, CEO of Compliance Safe & President of StrasGlobal and Eva Strasburger, President of Compliance Safe & Director of Strategy at StrasGlobal

Compliance Safe is designed by industry experts to help businesses stay within compliance. The company designs and develops its solution tracks businesses’ huge volumes of documents in one place, sort them by location or type, share them easily, alert to upcoming expirations and so much more. In fact, the company offers everything a retailer would need to avoid the risk of late fees or even business closure. What gives Compliance Safe an extra edge is its capability to provide secure cloud-based location, to make it easier for everyone to use

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