GreenSoft Technology, Inc.: Catalyzing Environmental Compliance with Database Solutions

Larry Yen, Founder & President
Every year, more and more restricted chemicals are identified as hazardous to the environment, and they are either banned or restricted in use. To ensure their products do not contain any of the restricted chemicals, electronics manufacturers need to build a database of information on the chemicals contained in their products and work with their suppliers to remove or control the use of such restricted chemicals. As a leading provider of environmental compliance data management services, GreenSoft Technology, Inc. does this work for electronics manufacturers by developing such databases and maintaining them when new chemicals are added to regulations. For over a decade, GreenSoft has been helping manufacturers around the globe manage their compliance data for chemical regulations and directives such as EU RoHS-2, REACH SVHC, CA Prop 65, Conflict Minerals and more. “GreenSoft’s mission is to streamline the environmental compliance management processes of the green supply chain by providing the best green data services and GreenData Manager software for the global electronics industry,” says Larry Yen, founder and president of GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

Yen believes that to generate compliance reports, companies require comprehensive data collection with the highest quality of data. Usually, companies request material declaration data from suppliers who may or may not provide the information. Also, if they provide the data, there is no assurance that the data is authentic. On the other hand, GreenSoft, in addition to data collection, leverages upon its various databases of accurate, up-to-date data to enable the customers to manage the compliance reporting with ease. And to create the GreenData Manager database, the company’s data team performs collection and follow-ups with suppliers and then ensures that it is of 99.9% quality. GreenSoft then formats the data to fit into customer’s preferred format. In case, suppliers fail to provide the needed data; the company will assess the compliance status based on the materials used by leveraging on the GreenSoft Material database so that every single part within the project is covered. “Our competitive edge lies in its database of compliance data that provides high quality, accurate parts data and reduces project time,” Yen explains.
Unlike other compliance solution providers that offer supplier portal solutions, GreenSoft provides database-centric solutions for compliance reporting. With a comprehensive data collection program offering high-quality data and a software program to consume such compliance data, clients can quickly generate the final compliance reports per the required regulations. This takes out the headache for electronic manufacturers and eliminates their need to add the extra personnel to manage compliance reporting activities. “Our green compliance solution enables companies to demonstrate compliance with global regulations while still focusing on their own core competencies as a company,” says Yen. GreenSoft also enables clients to focus on the bottom line for their business, producing quality products faster and cheaper, instead of spending time and resources on regulatory compliance.

GreenSoft’s mission is to streamline the environmental compliance management processes of the green supply chain by providing the best green data services and GreenData Manager software for the global electronics industry

Compliance is in its nascent stages in the electronic manufacturing market, where numerous companies are managing green compliance in-house. At this point, it is important to note that green compliance is not a one-shot deal as the regulations get updated regularly making it an ongoing process, which drains more resources, time and costs. With third-party providers like GreenSoft, manufacturers can reduce risk and meet the growing and always expanding environmental compliance requirements worldwide at lower costs. Moving ahead, the company will continue enhancing its solution by enlarging the databases it has developed, benefitting electronic manufacturers in managing the green compliance easier, faster and cheaper.

GreenSoft Technology, Inc.

Pasadena, CA

Larry Yen, Founder & President

Leading provider of environmental compliance data management services and software for the global electronics industry

GreenSoft Technology, Inc.