Recovery Planner: One Solution for Compliance and Risk Management

The integration of Business Continuity Management (BCM) and Riskhas set the wheels in motion, causing CSOs and IT executives to work together instead of struggling in isolation. The search is now en route to find a holistic solution that could keep IT risks at bay and regulations in compliance with the law—and it buoyantly ends at the doors of Trumbull, CT headquartered RecoveryPlanner. “Every business unit has their own set of risks and compliance issues to look out for, and the CEOs are counting on IT to deliver a multi-tenant solution for their entire community,” says Monica Goldstein, COO, RecoveryPlanner. The company’s web-based software, RPX, encompasses all components of BCM—from Business Continuity Planning (BCP) to Disaster Recovery (DR), Risk, Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Planning and Incident Response as well as other Risk concerns such as IT Management and IT Vendor Risk.

“To make any compliance program successful, IT and business executives should have a clear awareness of recovery time expectations,” says Monica. RPX allows organizations to have complete visibility across the processes conducted by their business units and promotes agile collaboration between various domains and IT departments ensuring continuity of different functions. “Our comprehensive end-to-end, automated solution, RPX, does this by collecting and documenting interdependencies of different resources, assisting with assessing threats to data, and maintaining the integrity of underlying information flow across the enterprise,” says Monica. IT departments can build pivotal reports on their needs to update DR plans, determine its overall budget, and assess if the recovery strategy calls for a change.

We want to make the whole process of Risk Management more streamlined and easy to implement

RPX adopts a goal oriented approach, accommodating storage, management, and documentation of core metrics to achieve compliance mandates in organizational strategies.
Monica Goldstein, Executive VP
RPX also ensures the availability of an asset library, mapping of the regulatory details, managing surveys, and workflow functionalities—all of which can be utilized for monitoring the progress. On the DR side, testing and maintenance scheduling is also available to facilitate coordination within employees, vendors, and executives. “RPX supports this through email notifications and messaging, which are used to test the validity of the information as it’s documented,” says Monica. RPX is used as a shared system, by various financial institutions and corporations to help their technology departments to produce reports in order to prioritize their business needs and manage their compliance. The software provides for BCP planning, quick response and a communication system that assists with compliance requirements. RPX has also found a special place in the education sector—with its forte in Incident Management, it cautions universities in the event of emergencies like Virginia Tech shooting in April, 2007. Leaving no stone unturned in mitigating crisis, RecoveryPlanner has introduced an application for ensuring the safety of both the business workforce, and campus community.

In the years to come, RecoveryPlanner will be sprinting to strengthen their position as a vendor for not only BCM and Crisis Management, but also IT Risk Management and Operational Risk. “We want to make the whole process of Risk Management more streamlined and easy to implement,” says Monica. “Whether it is HR, IT, or the Finance department, our one package software will be the key to solve all of their challenges, helping them along with their growth.” From the technology standpoint, RecoveryPlanner is all geared up to walk on this path.


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Monica Goldstein, Executive VP

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