ProcessMAP: Comprehensive Insights to Manage Global Compliance Challenges

In a fast changing global business landscape, with constant changes to regulatory requirement, adherence to compliance is extremely challenging, compounded with poor visibility into compliance across an enterprise. The need for a technology platform is becoming mission critical for customers to retain institutional knowledge and gain better visibility, accountability, and transparency of the data and the processes in the compliance realm. Enroute to creating a sustainable framework, 'beyond compliance' is Florida-based ProcessMAP. “We are embedding this approach into day-to-day operations, and not just during a specific timeslot or when the corporate team is conducting an audit,” begins Dave Rath, CEO, ProcessMAP.

ProcessMAP’s cloud-based enterprise software solutions help manage risk and improve processes in three key areas— employee health and safety, environment and sustainability, and enterprise compliance. The firm’s suite of modules provides a 360-degree view of compliance on a global basis. For instance, their Audit Management module streamlines compliance by allowing facilities to perform self-assessment on a regular basis against corporate procedures, policies, and regulatory requirements. The tool, while providing efficiency as well as visibility, ensures that all the non-conformance and action items are tracked enabling gap analysis. “It also ensures accountability for the compliance activities allowing our customers to manage the entire audit lifecycle holistically from planning to execution and follow through,” says Rath. Audit, being a horizontal tool, not only supports Environment Health and Safety initiatives, but also supports financial, operational and manufacturing audits, and other regulatory as well as non regulatory audits and assessments.

Through applicability analysis, we have a patented method to bring forth automation of compliance processes

The firm’s multi-lingual software supports global conglomerates to mid-sized companies in 95 countries across a plethora of verticals such as manufacturing, lifesciences, energy, and retail.
Dave Rath, CEO
Each of these customers have ProcessMAP’s Activity and Action Items Management module deployed as part of the compliance strategy to provide visibility on a global, country or business perspective on meeting key compliance tasks and overview on status to initiate remedial measures. “This visibility translates into a mission critical requirement in institutionalizing the memory, whereby in case of a change in the assignee, the compliance tasks for the entire year can be reassigned to another individual or team with the push of a button, ensuring business, compliance, and operations continuity,” says Rath.

Passionate about their customer’s success, Rath and his team continue to enhance the solution on data analytics, mobility, and integration fronts. ProcessMAP partners with content providers that manage protocols and regulatory content to provide customers with an integrated view of all the information applicable to them pertaining to their geographies or the type of business. By driving analytics through the entire platform, the compliance data points can be correlated to audit results whereby through predictive analysis, proactive measures can be initiated to manage compliance relevant for a facility’s operations. “Through applicability analysis, we have a patented method of how certain rules either apply or don't apply to a particular facility based on a wide range of algorithms that we have built within ProcessMAP to bring forth automation of compliance processes,” says Rath.

ProcessMAP’s growth trajectory has been more than 50 percent year over year, and the company is poised for a significant expansion over the next five years. ProcessMAP is envisaging on new applications to meet customers’ emerging regulatory and operational compliance requirements as the EHS landscape continues to evolve.


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Dave Rath, CEO

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