Ceridian: Maximizing Efficiency and Enabling Compliance

As an inquisitive leader, Warren Perlman, CIO of Ceridian, keenly observes rapid changes in technology. He spends his free time analyzing the Human Capital Management (HCM) market. “My entire focus is on the HCM arena to ensure that my research helps us stay ahead of the technology curve, while improving our operational infrastructure,” says Perlman. He keeps a constant eye on technological advancements such as big data to enhance Ceridian’s product capabilities. Perlman describes Ceridian as a Human Capital Management technology company that delivers software and services to help organizations mitigate compliance issues and enhance information security. “Like most Enterprise Content Management (ECM) vendors, we have ample Personally Identifiable Information (PII) contained within the application, and protecting that data is paramount for us,” adds Perlman.

Ceridian works with the security and data protection policies that are already in place for their customers to help manage and protect information. The company focuses on a couple of major areas in the human capital management landscape—increasing workforce efficiency and effectiveness, and enabling compliant operations. With the increasing complexity of regulatory compliance, Ceridian’s products help customers automate key processes and provide necessary visibility and reporting capabilities.

With the increasing complexity of regulatory compliance, Ceridian’s products help customers automate key processes and provide necessary visibility and reporting capabilities

Ceridian’s Dayforce Human Capital Management (HCM) is a cloud-based single application for payroll, benefits, human resources, workforce management, talent management, document management and analytics. It provides unparalleled access to real-time data across all domains of HCM.
Warren Perlman, CIO
Any change made in one area of the application cascades throughout the rest of the application instantly, facilitating real-time calculation of pay, time and benefits rules configured within the application. As a single application with one employee record, one user experience and zero interfaces, Dayforce eliminates the need for duplicate data entry. Furthermore, deep reporting capabilities help Dayforce deliver crucial data and insights to users, while also enabling mandatory regulatory reporting, such as the 1094 and 1095-C forms required by the Affordable Care Act. Ceridian has also incorporated real-time analytics throughout Dayforce HCM. Apart from delivering management reports, the software also generates predictive analytics.

Perlman believes that beyond reporting, a robust base of subject matter expertise such as an understanding of different pay rules that Ceridian has available in its system for customer selection is important.

As an example, Perlman highlighted a customer success story an organization that employs over 5300 people across 18 sites. Prior to deployment of Dayforce HCM, the customer’s employee data was stored in seven different databases and HR systems. This forced them to be paper-based and the HR system needed to be manually manipulated. After implementing Dayforce, the client gained a centralized solution, which improved pay accuracy and compliance, while controlling their process of payment approval processes and reporting.

Ceridian provides cost effective solutions that enable customers to ease the burden of compliance through automation and management. Ceridian aims to evolve its solutions to improve breadth and depth of capabilities it provides to customers while continuing to pursue compliance leadership in all areas of Human Capital Management.


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Warren Perlman, CIO

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