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Nancy Treaster, SVP & General Manager, Enterprise Intelligence Solutions
In the areas of fraud, risk and compliance, protecting customer data has emerged as a serious challenge for organizations around the world. These companies are looking to invest in solutions that help prevent loss, comply with regulations, deter cyber and financial crime, and protect private information.

With Verint Actionable Intelligence solutions, organizations can gain crucial insights that enable decision makers to anticipate, respond and take direct, preemptive action. Armed with such intelligence, they can make better decisions, mitigate fraud and risk, support industry and internal compliance requirements, and have a measurable impact on their brands and approach to customer engagement and loyalty.

“At Verint, we help organizations analyze and respond to the rising risks that consumers and organizations face as theft becomes more prevalent in our global economy and as fraudsters become more sophisticated,” says Nancy Treaster, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Verint Enterprise Intelligence Solutions.

Verint solutions can analyze structured and unstructured data to help organizations monitor their premises and detect unauthorized personnel and suspicious behavior; protect or limit employee access to sensitive information; and capture and analyze customer and employee interactions for sales verification, financial trading and compliance with legal, regulatory and internal requirements, as well as industry best practices.

For example, Verint voice recording technology provides security options that help organizations stay compliant with the PCI DSS and in trading floor and other business environments. Encryption protects data when recorded, in transit and archived, and a key management system can enable the ability to store, move and archive encrypted data while protecting it from unauthorized access. In the contact center environment, organizations also can protect data during credit card transactions with features such as the ability to pause audio and screen recording while sensitive data, such as the card verification code,is being entered into the system.
Voice biometrics and identity authentication play another critical role, helping organizations deter telephony fraud in their contact centers. With such solutions, companies can profile and recognize the unique vocal characteristics, or “voiceprints,” of callers and match them against a database of known fraudsters. When a match is detected, the solution can notify the agent and/or fraud management system.

Our solutions provide actionable insights into risk factors and drivers and equip organizations to anticipate, analyze and act

Video management software also can provide vital protection in combating theft and fraud in retail stores, banks and at automated teller machines (ATMs). In retail, for instance, understanding the factors that influence their operations can make a critical difference in the success of loss prevention programs.

One way Verint stays in tune is by keeping an ear to the latest trends in the market with its forwardthinking customers, industry thought leaders and innovative partners. “Our solutions provide actionable insights into risk factors and drivers and equip organizations to anticipate, analyze and act,” notes Treaster. “Across regions and market sectors, we’re helping them address and stay ahead of serious issues: negating fraud and helping protect both their business and that of their customers.”

Moving forward, Verint is continuing its focus on developing and evolving in the fraud, risk and compliance market. “When I show up at our annual user conference and see the titles of the attendees morphing towards bigger and broader responsibilities, it tells me that we are doing something right and that makes all the focus, dedication and hard work very rewarding,” concludes Treaster.


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Nancy Treaster, SVP & General Manager, Enterprise Intelligence Solutions

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