Ceridian: Transforming Human Capital Management

Howard Tarnoff, SVP, Customer Success
Ceridian is a leader in human capital management (HCM) with more than 100,000 clients in over 50 countries. Dayforce HCM cloud solution is transforming the industry with a single application. “Our solution helps Chief Information Officers (CIO) and their organizations control costs, save time, optimize their workforce, minimize risk and grow their business,” says Howard Tarnoff, Senior Vice President, Customer Success, Ceridian.

CIOs recognize that most HCM vendors only provide “integrated solutions”–portal based solutions that provide all products under one name, but that require interfaces to connect separate applications. In reality, these integrated systems rely on fragile interfaces, which are susceptible to many errors and limitations, including frequent transmission errors, batch and latency issues, rigid business processes, duplicative and inconsistent data, manual workarounds, and significant time expenditure identifying these errors and attempting to fix them.

In contrast, Ceridian’s Dayforce HCM solution is the industry’s first and only single application for HCM with one employee record, one user experience and one rule engine. Dayforce HCM fundamentally transforms human capital management from a collection of disparate systems reliant on fragile interfaces, to a single robust, realtime application. This model reduces support costs, preserves uptime, and eliminates panicked alerts in response to failing interfaces. This single, comprehensive application includes modules for: Payroll and Tax, Benefits, Human Resources, Recruiting, and Workforce Management. By eliminating the need for data synchronization between these modules, users are able to realize vast improvements to their HR processes which reduce administrative overhead, and increase efficiency and productivity.

The adoption and use of next generation HCM technology has become increasingly important and compelling given the ever-changing nature of the rules and regulations governing compliance at all levels. “As a single application, Dayforce HCM is uniquely positioned to help clients manage such reforms. For example, the recently implemented and ongoing Health Care reforms taking place in the United States have created an unprecedented level of regulatory complexity for all affected employers and organizations,” stated Tarnoff. Specifically, with regards to the Affordable Care Act, the Dayforce HCM solution will enable organizations to:
• Accurately collect and categorize service hours
• Identify/offer benefits to eligible employees
• Managing measurement, administrative, and stability periods
• Proactively manage employee average hours

Dayforce HCM includes functionality with capabilities ranging from job assignment and benefits management, to employee availability, and the administration of HR policies to ensure compliance.

Our Dayforce HCM cloud solution is transforming the industry with a single application that helps CIO to control costs, save time, minimize risk and grow their business

Dayforce HCM facilitates the rapid inclusion of new functionality into the application based on market demands, as well as any changes to applicable legislation and regulations across North America. To that end, the solution supports all tax calculations and filing requirements for all jurisdictions across the US and Canada. This includes full support for multi-jurisdictional taxes, including more complex compliance requirements, such as Pennsylvania Act 32.

Dayforce HCM also provides specific functionality with regards to wage and hours rules compliance, such as the ability to automate complex gross pay rules, including: FLSA overtime, holiday pay, report-in pay, California meal penalties, and an unlimited number of shift differentials and premium scenarios. Organizations are, therefore, given the functionality they need to effectively manage employee schedules as well as ensure accurate time tracking and compliance.

For CIOs, Dayforce HCM provides strong technological foundations for their internal customers across the business to operate efficiently and effectively. With minimal overhead to deploy or maintain, Dayforce allows CIOs to operate strategically to support their organization in acting with a high degree of compliance and as a leader in their market.


Minneapolis, MN

Howard Tarnoff, SVP, Customer Success and David Ossip, CEO

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