2021 accessibility forecast - why make your website accessible now?

Adam Ikar, CEO, EqualWeb
Adam Ikar, CEO, <a href='https://www.equalweb.com/' rel='nofollow' target='_blank' style='color:blue !important'>EqualWeb</a>

Adam Ikar, CEO, EqualWeb

Now, during the pandemic, it is more crucial than ever to welcome all users to your website, for two main reasons:

1. More people are working from home, and generally surfing the web more than usual. Make sure your site is accessible to everyone.

2. Compliance lawyers, like many of us, are experiencing more downtime. This means more online companies are being sued for ADA compliance violations.

Here are some interesting facts you may find highly relevant to your business.

1. Nationwide ADA federal lawsuits in 2020 passed the 11,000 marks and average settlement fee $30,000

2. 25% of the US population have difficulties accessing and engaging websites

3. Hidden market with huge buying power

The total disposable income for U.S. adults with disabilities is about $490 billion, with discretionary income of $21 billion - a sum greater than that of the African American ($3 billion) and Hispanic ($16 billion) market segments combined.

1. 30% of veterans have disabilities

2. 71% of web users with disabilities will simplify leave a website that is not accessible to them.

The clear takeaway? It’s crucial to make your website accessible these days.

How can you make your website accessible?

At EqualWeb we offer any of these options - but the best way to achieve full compliance with minimal effort is Option 3.

Contact us today to get a free accessibility analysis to your website.