anecdotes: Automating Compliance

Yair Kusnitzov, CEO
While compliance regulations and certifications are essential to every business operation, they are still a significant obstacle for every organization to overcome. For example, the many steps involved in pursuing compliance/certification—such as evidence collection—are based on tedious leg work. Furthermore, the certification process is time-consuming for an organization's R&D, security, and HR departments, impeding its efficiency. As a result, many SaaS companies find it challenging to complete certification processes before their audits correctly, employing vendors to automate several parts of the compliance process instead. Enter Anecdotes, a compliance automation solution provider that leverages their proprietary SaaS platform of the same name, to automate a client's compliance process with minimal time and effort to support companies’ growth and enhance trust with their clients.

With the help of Anecdotes, a company can leverage more than 50 different SaaS platforms such as Salesforce and AWS with the use of their pre-built plugins. Furthermore, the platform can outline the necessary steps required to attain their desired certifications and how the software can help them achieve it. For example, instead of manually collecting the evidence of certification step completion, Anecdote can collect all the necessary evidence at the click of a button to complete each step. The platform also offers a compliance and audit management service, which can map the evidence to every framework adopted by a company.

All kinds of SaaS companies, from early-stage startup to hyper growth, can fully utilize these Anecdote features with relative ease. For those seeking certification for their business process for the first time, their customer support can help implement the platform in their systems.

The platform informs the users about what they need to do and how the software can help them in attaining the certification they want

The software takes only a few minutes to connect to the user's system and collect data after authorization. It then forwards the organized data to the user to carry on with their compliance/certification process.

The platform's fast connection, efficient evidence collection and streamlined data processing have helped many clients complete their regulatory processes with ease. In one instance, a public company that traded on NASDAQ had an upcoming SOC 2 audit. They hired a SiCO, which in turn decided to carry out the compliance certification process using automated means. For that, the company selected Anecdotes out of four different SaaS platforms. The company efficiently leveraged the platform's evidence collection map to automate the SOC 2 compliance process and complete the certification in just a few days. As a result, the company excelled in its SOC 2 audit.

Like in the instance above, Anecdotes has provided many of their clients with highly innovative ways to manage risks, like automating evidence collection and compliance management. To further help their consumers, the organization continues to expand the number of certifications it can provide at any given time. Anecdotes therefore has a ‘cross-framework’ approach, which enables companies to leverage their existing milestones (e.g. requirements for SOC 2) to adopt new frameworks (e.g. ISO 12007), without the need to integrate a new product or pay more.


Palo Alto, CA

Yair Kusnitzov, CEO

The platform informs the users about what they need to do and how the software can help them in attaining the certification they want