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Terry Dolce, CEO
As Josh Reid, the Chief Risk Officer of TRU8 Solutions, touches upon the importance of managing risk in a rapidly changing marketplace, he states, “Managing risk is the foremost concern for board members and executives, and the real damage is what a fragmented Risk Management program does to personnel, share price, and top-line revenue.” With data being buried in operational silos, organizations quickly become their own miniature ecosystems, making it challenging to identify and manage risks. In such a scenario, TRU8 Solutions brings years of in-depth expertise to the table with its Integrated Risk Management (IRM) methodology that fast-moving companies seek. With the surging demand for end-to-end IRM programs, TRU8 Solutions’ team of industry-leading GRC and IRM experts help organizations plan, design, build, and operate successful risk and compliance programs, which enables highly complex organizations to achieve accelerated business objectives.

Jay Reid, TRU8’s Chief Operating Officer, states, “TRU8’s GRC BluePrint and SKILL methodology have been specifically designed to assist organizations with defining an overall strategy for managing governance, risk, and compliance programs.” By helping organizations understand the ‘bigger picture,’ TRU8’s BluePrint unlocks a holistic view of existing issues and an approach to address areas of improvement, and visibility into streamlining risk and compliance processes. TRU8 helps ensure organizations have the right people, processes, and technologies in place to keep pace with the company’s ever-changing business needs.

TRU8 delivers service offerings based on its GRC SKILL methodology which stands for Simplicity, Knowledge, Innovation, Leadership, and Long- Term Value. TRU8’s SKILL methodology identifies critical risk management processes and their interdependencies, and creates a BluePrint specific to each organization. Over the course of time, TRU8 strategically identifies and resolves organizational silos not only to reduce human efforts but also creating data efficiencies by leveraging a master data repository instead of creating segmented datasets. The organization’s ability to monitor every process and understand the risk posture of the organization empowers its clients’ leadership teams with a single-pane view of insights into critical risk and compliance data that drives collaboration.
Jay Reid, COO and Josh Reid, CRO
“As companies change with business models, mergers, and acquisitions, TRU8 helps companies establish GRC programs that provide long-term value. Furthermore, companies continuously demand risk analysis capabilities that align with their business goals providing clear board-level reporting, and unlocking the ability for TRU8 to serve our clients’ demand for clear risk quantification.” says Terry Dolce, CEO of TRU8 Solutions. To help executives understand their true end-to-end risk posture, TRU8 presents the organization’s top risks by correlating a variety of risk metrics through a common terminology. This enables the business leaders to easily evaluate risks and make critical decisions for the company’s long-term strategy.

The company’s impressive hands-on client experience leverages industry’s best practices for meeting clients’ Integrated Risk Management needs. A testimony to this is a global consumer products organization that needed help with its Global Internal Audit and Application Risk Management programs, which required identifying and managing risks associated with over 10,000 business applications that were being used across the enterprise. TRU8 created a streamlined process for performing application risk assessments and helped the client determine which security and data privacy controls should be applied to each application. TRU8 also streamlined the client’s incident response process which now allows them to respond to any incident resulting in a significant reduction in response times. After streamlining the entire business, the leadership now consolidates all reports into a single dashboard and enjoys complete visibility throughout the organization.

Maintaining a growth rate of 200 percent year over year, TRU8 is targeting international expansion by the end of 2018. The company is determined to rise as the leading provider of GRC consulting across the global Fortune 1000 companies. Keeping customer success as the cornerstone to everything they do, TRU8 is committed to improving the overall quality of risk management programs and augmenting their reputation across global entities.

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Terry Dolce, CEO and Jay Reid, COO and Josh Reid, CRO

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