Red-on-line: Securing EHS Compliance Globally

Laurent Pitoun, Founder & CEO
Founded in 1999, Red-on-line asserts as an ambitious EHS solution provider and a true partner for compliance and risk management.

Global companies operating at industry-scale are required to comply with Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) regulations to ensure environmental sustainability and well-being of their employees. These compliance obligations have evolved to accommodate new rules and regulations, thereby creating a complex ecosystem. Many global organizations fail to comprehend the intricacies of such compliance regulations and often end up at the receiving end of lawsuits and penalties. Adding to the challenges, global organizations operating multiple sites in different countries face difficulty in understanding the regional legal structure and regulations published in the local language, which further impedes compliance with the local regulations. With a vision to solve this imbroglio and equip organizations with a solution that alleviates them of the compliance-related predicaments, Laurent PITOUN laid the cornerstone of Red-on-line. Started initially as a legal compliance solutions provider, Red-on-line offers comprehensive EHS solution to support global companies to manage compliance and mitigate risk in each of the countries they operate, through a single multi-lingual software platform.

“The company’s comprehensive combination of content, software and consulting solutions helps companies manage the nitty-gritty of regulatory obligations in the EHS spectrum as well as track and consolidate information pertaining to compliance,” says Laurent PITOUN. Through their software platform, EHS managers gain insights that enable them to comply with the regulations in a confident and efficient way. On-board, bi-lingual audit protocols help users understand requirements by re-stating them as simple questions. And from a legal standpoint, Red-on-line’s network of EHS experts provides local support, including applicability determinations and regulatory analysis, to clients in more than 80 countries. As a result, the Legal Registers they deliver are precise, relevant, and can integrate local requirements and the client’s internal standards. These Legal Registers are updated several times each year, making them a sustainable option for companies seeking a long-term solution to compliance. Red-on-line’s legal monitoring solution allows global suppliers to keep track of regulatory changes and achieve their compliance objectives.

On the security front, employing Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection, the company ensures that all the data transferred through the Red-on-line platform is safe.

The company’s comprehensive combination of content, software and consulting solutions helps companies manage the nitty-gritty of regulatory obligations in the EHS spectrum as well as track and consolidate information pertaining to compliance

Additionally, the solutions are equipped with data encryption, DDOS protection, network protection, and several other security features.

Laurent PITOUN informs that most organizations in the compliance technology landscape either provide software solutions or content-based analytics consultancy. This coerces enterprises seeking complete compliance solutions to choose separate vendors for both, and at times juggle between the two. Red-on-line’s solution, which combines content-based analysis, legal monitoring, and compliance management software provides global companies with one solution, seamlessly integrated, to manage EHS compliance globally. The platform, available in 13 languages includes comprehensive dashboards and customizable reports, which enables performance monitoring at all organization levels.

The unparalleled expertise of Red-on-line has allowed the firm to extend their services to variegated geographies encompassing Europe, Asia, and North America. The firm boasts of a vast clientele from variegated industry sectors and the success stories that they have created along the journey.

Red-on-line’s history of managing compliance regulations of a French nuclear program, which marked the genesis of the firm, helped them to claim the title of the domain expert. With an overwhelming presence in more than eighty countries, the firm has significant geographical expansion plans across the globe in the forthcoming years, especially in Europe, Asia and North America. Alongside expansions, Red-on-line aims to harness the best of technology to introduce best of breed compliance technology solutions. Red-on-line is an ambitious provider that effectively supports companies striving to keep pace with EHS challenges, globally.


New York, NY

Laurent Pitoun, Founder & CEO

Provides comprehensive compliance solutions for global companies