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Tom Frommack, CEO
Adopting a document management policy for data security and compliance is a common practice among industries. However, the success of any policy extends only as far as its comprehension and ease of implementation by the employees. There are numerous instances today where organizations have faced regulatory violations or security breaches due to mishandling of documents by individuals. “Without the ability to classify and categorize unstructured data as per their sensitivity, enterprises are in the dark as to whether they are compliant or what level of risks they are facing,” delineates Tom Frommack, CEO, Watchful Software. “It all boils down to knowing which document is privileged and which isn’t.” Enabling organizations to automatically classify and label their emails, reports, spreadsheets, PDFs, and word files, and measure their sensitivity can successfully mitigate the risks of compliance and data breaches. “This is exactly what we are offering to highly regulated industries such as financial and telecom through our flagship product RightsWATCH,” affirms Frommack.

RightsWATCH enables companies to understand their Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) initiatives with respect to data they are creating, managing, and consuming. RightsWATCH seamlessly conducts classification and labeling of data, and places disclosures on the documents that are required by statutory, regulatory, or contractual obligations. This disburdens employees from knowing and remembering which documents are sensitive and what policies their companies have adopted to remain compliant with the laws. This approach endues a reliable and productive way to keep illicit activities in check, especially in global organizations inundated with documents where the odds of compliance crisis and breaches are relatively higher.

RightsWATCH records every event that occurs between the creation and consumption of documents. “Executives can know who opened the email, at what time, on what device and what were the changes made on the document,” explains Frommack. “If an individual tries to access an unauthorized file intentionally or unintentionally, RightsWATCH blows the whistle in mere few seconds.” By keeping the tab in an automated fashion on every movement, organizations can also enhance their Data Loss Prevention (DLP) initiatives.

If an individual tries to access an unauthorized file intentionally or unintentionally, RightsWATCH blows the whistle in mere few seconds

RightsWATCH enhances information discovery for DLP implementation to ensure agreement with information security and access policies, and to maintain an audit trail for control and compliance.

While RightsWATCH keeps data and compliance under its scope, Watchful Software’s TypeWATCH monitors behavioral biometrics of users based on their unique typing characteristics. “The moment users log-in into their system, TypeWATCH initiates its state-of-the-art keystroke dynamics to look, read, listen, and understand the typing patterns on keyboards to provide reliable ongoing authentication,” explains Frommack. If an intruder is detected having dissimilar typing characteristics, the biometric platform can lock the system, inform the authority and take picture of the imposter.

Various global enterprises have reaped the benefits of Watchful Software solutions to solve their data security and compliance challenges. Frommack recollects the firm’s association with a Fortune financial institution that selected RightsWATCH to solve the demands of their GRC initiatives. “It was the simplicity of our tool and its administration at the enterprise level that allowed the firm to establish a secure workflow under their roof at a lower TCO,” says Frommack.

Given the value proposition of its solutions, Watchful Software has witnessed an eminent traction in data regulated industries. Frommack, however, hails his employees and their diligence as the fundamental force behind the growth of the company. In the years to come, Watchful Software looks forward to expand its presence in the U.S and continue to assist enterprises in document classification and labeling while maintaining compliance.

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Tom Frommack, CEO

Watchful Software helps to keep information safe from security breaches or disclosures resulting from malicious wrongdoing or inadvertent misusage

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