CFM Partners: Championing a Culture of Compliance

Patrick Murphy, CSO
From communicating and implementing strategies to monitoring the execution of the strategic plan, the everyday life of Patrick Murphy, CSO of CFM Partners is like a multi-lane highway. The demands of an ever-changing regulatory landscape and complexities of effective risk management are all part of the ride. A creative thinker and influential contributor, Murphy has earned accolades for his ability to juggle ongoing change while resolving the burgeoning array of compliance issues faced by today’s businesses. The secret formula that powers Murphy’s forward momentum is a keen understanding of the GRC environment and clarity of vision.

“Now more than ever, companies are challenged to create and instill a culture of compliance,” says Murphy. “Rather than disrupt workflows and processes, compliance must become a seamless part of doing business. Ultimately, this results in greater productivity and better performance,” Murphy concludes.

CFM Partners combines deep compliance and industry expertise with innovative technology to deliver integrated, knowledge-based GRC solutions that enhance corporate governance and improve corporate risk management. “Our solutions help organizations foster a culture of compliance,” Murphy summarized.

The company’s flagship product, AccessCompliance™, is an integrated compliance management solution that delivers the right information to the right person, ensuring a high-functioning, highcompliance, risk-informed environment.

“Access Compliance includes a number of critical compliance management applications, but the pivotal tool is policy management.” Policy communication and management is centralized in a single cloud portal. “Neither managers nor employees have to sift through volumes of unrelated information to find what they need,” Murphy explained. “Access Compliance does it for them; filtering content based on line-of-business, job function, geographic location, and any other variables that are key to the organization’s structure. All this, while tracking user access.”

In addition to Access Compliance, CFM Partners recently released Access Policies sp Manager™, an app for SharePoint available in the Microsoft Office Store.
“APSP Manager directly addresses the needs of a number of organizations that have invested in SharePoint and need an easy-to-use solution for policy and procedure management,” explains Murphy.

One of the first firms to offer GRC solutions in the cloud, CFM products have consistently been ahead of the curve. “We aren’t a technology company that jumped on the policy management bandwagon;we know policy management and created practical and meaningful technology tools that empower compliance personnel,” Murphy clarified. “We meet companies where they are, and provide the knowledge and tools that help them get where they want to be.”

We meet companies where they are, and provide the knowledge and tools that help them get where they want to be

Combining their expertise and solutions with those of strategic partners like Baker & McKenzie, LIMRA, and SunGard, CFM provides its clients access to the highest level of domain, industry, and technology expertise. The company’s solutions have been empowering compliance teams by simplifying and streamlining tedious and time-consuming tasks, helping to create an infrastructure to scale businesses. For instance, NFP Securities, a top ten independent broker/ dealer, adopted Access Compliance to help ensure compliance information and education is at the fingertips of new and existing financial advisors, without needing to add compliance resources to meet their growing demands.

Looking to the future, Murphy doesn’t see things slowing down. In the near term, the company will continue to expand into new industries, and aims to integrate with other systems and content providers.

“At CFM Partners we’re fortunate that we are able to stay in close contact with our clients, who represent some of the most sophisticated compliance executives in the sector,” said Murphy. “That dialogue, along with the long-term, durable relationships we have with our partners fuels our strategy and helps us stay consistently ahead of the curve.”

CFM Partners

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Patrick Murphy, CSO

CFM Partners delivers integrated, knowledge-based GRC solutions that enhance corporate governance and improve corporate risk management