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Matt Whitteker, Director of Marketing
Regulatory compliance is seen as one of the most reactive legal risk areas for enterprises today. Companies have to collect, analyze, and review data acquired from the supply chain and manage testing and inspections of products in order to meet regulatory requirements. Assent Compliance automates all these processes, gathers information from the supply chain, and reports/tracks the entire compliance portfolio. “At Assent we allow our clients to see and react ahead of the curve when it comes to product compliance,” states Matt Whitteker, Director of Marketing. Our consulting division helps organizations implement compliance programs that will scale and meet changing regulatory requirements by developing standard operating procedures, gap assessments and product line compliance planning,” says Whitteker.

Assent’s flagship product, Global Product Regulatory System (GPRS) is a best-of-breed compliance and materials management platform. The software hosts a multitude of features that manage restricted substance lists, product testing, factory or site inspections, any compliance workflow and allows the development and deployment of custom surveys. “The solution is mission critical for enterprises, as they scale to new markets and face a variety of regulatory hurdles. Assent's GPRS is used by Fortune 1000 firms to meet their regulatory requirements and ensure that their products ship without issue,” states Whitteker.

Assent also delivers turnkey conflict mineral compliance services. By using economies of scale and the best software platform on the market, Assent is able to deploy conflict mineral compliance programs at a very affordable cost and at the same time, install a compliance program that can scale to other regulations, new business units and new suppliers.

The Assent Compliance suite allows organizations to quickly communicate with their suppliers in the most userfriendly way possible, gather responses, analyze data, and receive alerts based on user determined metrics.

Assent will be the world’s most widely used product compliance platform by 2017

Assent also provides a platform to manage inspections, certifications, testing and the entire compliance lifecycle. “At Assent, we have the necessary expertise to help companies comply with new, existing, and constantly changing regulations. We are a category creator when it comes to CLM (Compliance Lifecycle Management).

Assent caters to a wide range of industry verticals including manufacturing, electronics, aerospace, medical, automotive, retail, pharmaceutical, and e-commerce. For instance, Esterline Corporation, a leading aerospace firm, has used Assent for conflict minerals and more recently trade compliance data collection. “We’ve helped Esterline manage more than 30 business units with 5000 suppliers and have done so with a fast deployment and great success, in terms of supplier acceptance rate and data collection results,” claims Whitteker.

Assent’s constant innovative approach and pleasant user experience keep it ahead in the competition. The company has defined itself as the Sales Force" of compliance software. “To deliver this, we take a focus on platform development from a client and industry feedback loop and knowing exactly how firms must comply from a regulatory standpoint. Being on the forefront of innovation, Assent works with over 15 industry and peer groups,” states Whitteker.

Moving forward, Assent aims to continue on its path of making the compliance process as easy and affordable as possible for its clients. “We will continue to add features, functionality, and user experience upgrades to the core product, focusing on the needs of compliance departments and their unique challenges,” concludes Whitteker.

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Matt Whitteker, Director of Marketing

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